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All Stars, all Summer long, last days of Sales!

All Stars, all Summer long, last days of Sales!

How to spice up your style in the most elegant way? 

Including new items to your wardrobe may be a way to style it up, and brighten your everyday look, although it may not be a practical solution to every man. 

Adding a new element to your everyday wardrobe is an adjustment to your routine. So why not make a statement, working with what you already have? No twists. 

These man socks are produced in Portugal exclusively to the elegant man that values impressively well-crafted products and is attentive to details.

WestMister socks are made with two main features in mind: durability, improved comfort, and style - This is the special feature we are never letting go. Our offer is exquisite and carefully selected. The portfolio consists of a collection of classic socks as well as stylish athletic, designer collections, and no-show socks

If you’re looking for man socks that sets you away from the crowd, this brand of men's socks made in Portugal will certainly meet the highest standards of both elegant looks, superb quality and comfort regarding masculine socks. How about pairing socks with pants, shoes, and the most recent item: the social mask? Read on here.

How to choose a Summer Style

Summer gives us the opportunity to make fresh fashion choices, light white shirts, linen trousers, whitewashed jeans, and really well-made socks made from the lightest materials. Choosing your summer style might not be the easiest thing to do. Regarding your fashion options for summertime, please don’t repeat your last year's mistakes. Choose a Summer style that will keep showing your personality and sophistication. Make your boldness and elegance show throughout the year. Be thoughtful when choosing what to wear in warm weather. While the weather is getting better, we all feel it is time to enjoy time outside. Despite the current covid-19 situation, you can keep the safety distances and take care of everyone’s safety while going out and enjoying good weather, a sunset cocktail, or any Summer gathering.

Social Masks for man

Some studies tell us that man are less likely to wear social masks than a woman. Somehow some men who participated in this study stated that they believe facial covering to make them look “less cool” and using a face mask is seen as a sign of weakness. Let’s think about that for a moment. Covid-19 brought some changes to our world and that is undeniable one of the changes entered our daily lives through the usage of face mask is such a small step, it is, after all, a big change in a society where facial expressions are so important and connect us to each other. 

Face coverings become a necessity, bearing true, and bringing a bit of playfulness into practical designs is our motto. As a fashion brand, our version of the everyday face covering is fun and elegant. Made with luxury materials, soft, seamless, and certified. 

As reusable masks become one of the most popular options for now. - Which is best for the environment and still keep us protected, it is also important to be attentive to certain details rather than style.

The certification process is one of the most important aspects of a social mask, after all its purpose is to keep you protected. Our masks are developed to be Level 3 certification, PRC (particle retention capacity)> 80%. Social masks fully suitable for the promotion of individual / group protection, in a professional or social context, totally complying with the required safety criteria.

Here is why you should try a subscription box for socks:

1. It is so convenient

The WestMister Club is more than a subscription box service. It assures you the finest quality socks, handpicked just for you each month. Take the decision-making process out of the way and surprise someone or be surprised by the options delivered to your doorstep. Quality and the best design guaranteed.

2. Classic choices, unique patterns, and modern designs

With a sock subscription box, there is no point in restricting your options, every day is unique and the challenges you face require different styles, so stay in tune with your unique way of living and the WestMister club will be a style ally. We will be shipping the most stylish and comfortable choices each month for subscriptions of 3, 6, or 12 months.

3. Surprise or be surprised

We know what you are thinking… you are not choosing a thing. And that’s beautiful. That’s freedom! Either you are buying it for someone special or as a gift to yourself, you will be free of the choice paradox while knowing exactly what you are spending each month on your wardrobe.

With this sock’s subscription box the only option you must take is the time for which you want to receive the sock’s subscription box and where you would like to receive the gift box.


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