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Eutopia, because the pair is accomplished with charm and glamour. Perfect, of satisfaction and contentment, of joy and colour. 
We wanted you, as a pair, to complete our soul.

With refinement, practical, autonomous and dynamic, to match any occasion.
Glad to join us at a party. Funny to show what we are.
Eutopia, to be our pair. Our feminine.

With designs adaptable to the diverse circumstances of the life of a modern woman, who values high product quality, comfort and elegance.
Eutopia is definition of full satisfaction and in taking care of every detail of product conception that was our care. It's not just a sock. It is a greater care for a woman who wants to express herself in her day-to-day, from the smallest greatest detail.

Like WestMister, we want everyone who takes it to feel wholesome and perfect.
With beauty and elegance, we believe ordinary can be extraordinary.

Eutopia is designed with high quality raw materials (Mercerized Cotton), with production in Portugal according to the highest technical standards (Machines with 200 needles and hand linked toe). We conciliate the nobility of materials and production technology to the creativity of designers and fashion designers. We take care of every detail, in the choice of cotton, the lines, the colours, giving life and personality to each piece.

Eutopia, simplicity with refinement and elegance. No half measures.