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Best hiking socks for Summer

Best hiking socks for Summer

Summertime is full-on and it is time to enroll in the best family time outdoor activities. It is also time to give extra thought to your comfort while hiking and playing outside with the kids. So let us help you find the best hiking socks for Summer. 

It seems pretty specific thou choosing the incorrect socks for hiking in this hot weather will make you feel uncomfortable, grumpy, and hurt your toes after short a distance and that is a no-no. Men's socks must follow some quality rules and some style also may apply. Privilege the quality but never forget the design. Regarding style,  no one ever said they like a slouchy style even when outside hiking. 

Imagine you are hiking the low rolling hills of Texas, the Mojave desert in sunny Cal, or the dense forests of Oregon, standing on your feet for miles and miles. A feast for the eyes and the mind as long as your body is also swell. To fully enjoy the hiking choose your shoes and clothes to match the challenge ahead. Start smart. Mid calf socks that are soft, fresh and seamless. With a dash of style and humor. 

At WestMister we present premium performance textiles for every occasion. Our seasonal collections are a display of the best socks for man. Socks are developed mainly in mercerized cotton, also known as "d´escóssia yarn" and some socks are made of combed cotton for that durability. Especially this is great once you’ve washed them. You will realize they’re going to stay the same shape and keep that wonderful softness for many, many years. All our socks are seamless for adding extra comfort to your hiking.

Did we mention that The finest Portuguese socks also have anti-microbial properties and repel odor as well, the final step of our production is a softening treatment that grants a great delicate scent. 


The best hiking socks might be Ice cream Blue (

either we know you will fall for WestMister's socks at first sight and absolutely at the first touch. 


Delve a bit deeper into WestMister's universe, and discover the perfect design matching your personality and the maximum comfort level as well.

For hiking, you might want something a little more casual try the Wicker Black model (, or the Maze Green ( 

Made with comfort, elegance, and durability in mind, they are worthy of your preference.


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