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Dapper Delights - The Timeless Charm of Pocket Squares

Dapper Delights - The Timeless Charm of Pocket Squares

The Timeless Charm of Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are the epitome of sophistication and have stood the test of time as a classic accessory for the modern gentleman. These small pieces of fabric, tucked into the breast pocket of a suit or blazer, add a touch of elegance and personality to any ensemble.
Elevate your sartorial game effortlessly: 
  • The Straight Fold: the simplest and most versatile way to wear a pocket square. It involves folding the fabric into a neat rectangle and placing it in the pocket with a small portion visible above it. It works well with both formal and casual outfits.
  • The Puff Fold: a touch of casual elegance to your ensemble. Gather the fabric in the center, creating a small pouch-like shape and gently place it in the pocket. You will get a billowy appearance that adds dimension.
  • The Three Point Fold: for a more intricate and formal look. Start by laying the pocket square flat and pinch the center to lift it up. Then, fold the left and right sides towards the center, creating three distinct points. It will exude elegance and work particularly well with formal events or black-tie affairs.
  • The Presidential Fold: for a clean and polished look. Begin by folding the pocket square in half to create a rectangle. Then, fold the bottom portion up to the desired height, ensuring it is slightly shorter than the pocket itself. You'll get a slim and refined edge.
  • The Crown Fold: a sophisticated and attention-grabbing style. Lay the pocket square flat and pinch the center to create a crown-like shape. Gently tuck the folded fabric into the pocket, allowing the points to fan out, resembling the peaks of a crown. It is ideal for special occasions and adds a regal touch to your outfit.
Complement your outfit and elevate your personality. 


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