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Essencials for men

Essencials for men

A wardrobe is never complete without a dash of style, and as long as you are reading this post, you surely agree with us.

In today’s world, the focus is not just only style, but also sustainability and key pieces made to last. Quality yarn, produce a quality fabric. Thoughtful designers envision quality products major in style, totally irresistible for anyone who cares about the impact they make in the world. 

It’s been a while since socks were just something you used to just cover your feet.

The modern gentleman will be looking for comfort that's for sure, but informal outfits should be given just as much attention as formal outfits regarding style. 

Fashionable men want to be free to choose their own style, sneakers, brogues, dress shoes, everything is an option. Casual looks deserve close attention to detail too. See here, how to use no-show socks.

As mentioned at the Fabrikated article these are the golden rules for a sartorial, business formal look.

“The sock rules are therefore rather simple

  • choose cotton or wool and wash daily

  • long socks with business wear to avoid calf exposure

  • sober colours to tone with suits and shoes

  • coloured socks for creative types with long legs

  • never white, or sports, at work

  • never, ever, wear comedy socks

  • never socks with sandals (and never sandals at work)”


How about being surprised by a subscription box? 

With this sock’s subscription box the only option you must take is the time for which you want to receive the sock’s subscription box and where you would like to receive the gift box.

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