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How to wear Social Masks the right way?

How to wear Social Masks the right way?

Do you know what makes a difference in a look? 

We believe you do, nevertheless, stepping up the game is our mission in fashion, so follow us through this article. 

Whether your Sartorial choices are flawless or your look is minimalist and grounded to basics, social masks just entered our fashion lingo for good. That is a huge difference not only to your look but also to our social behavior.

There are rules and regulations when it comes to masks, and there are tips and tricks when it comes to fashion so as the face masks enter your wardrobe as a fashion item let us guide you through as your sartorial muscles begin to strengthen. 


Social Masks for man

Some studies tell us that man are less likely to wear social masks than a woman. Somehow some men who participated in this study stated that they believe facial covering to make them look “less cool” and using a face mask is seen as a sign of weakness. Let’s think about that for a moment. Covid-19 brought some changes to our world and that is undeniable one of the changes entered our daily lives through the usage of face mask is such a small step, it is, after all, a big change in a society where facial expressions are so important and connect us to each other. 

Face coverings become a necessity, bearing true, and bringing a bit of playfulness into practical designs is our motto. As a fashion brand, our version of the everyday face covering is fun and elegant. Made with luxury materials, soft, seamless, and certified. 

As reusable masks become one of the most popular options for now. - Which is best for the environment and still keep us protected, it is also important to be attentive to certain details rather than style.

The certification process is one of the most important aspects of a social mask, after all its purpose is to keep you protected. Our masks are developed to be Level 3 certification, PRC (particle retention capacity)> 80%. Social masks fully suitable for the promotion of individual / group protection, in a professional or social context, totally complying with the required safety criteria.


Go fashionable with reusable social masks perfectly paired with your look. 

How to pair the blue or plain boring white masks with your outfit? Since face masks entered our lives for good, make a statement, and bring seamless, high-quality masks to your life. We developed the perfect match: Mask&Socks pack thoughtfully designed for the elegant man.


A combination of Style and Comfort

As written in Time Magazine: “An international group of scientists, led by senior author Dr. Holger Schunemann, professor of clinical epidemiology and medicine at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, analyzed 172 studies conducted in 16 countries that looked at the connection between social distancing, wearing masks, and wearing eye protection, and the risk of transmitting the virus.”

We want you to feel, sophisticated, modern, and ready for any event, from business to social always with class and a dash of boldness. 

The WestMister's gentleman breathes dare and elegance and when producing new collections our goal is to apply elegant designs to the most exclusive fabric 100% Made in Portugal. Making our man socks the most comfortable possible and our social masks as well. Being the perfect match for the brave man who cares and is part of the modern world. 


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