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Reasons to sign up to a subscription box

Reasons to sign up to a subscription box

When it comes to decisions regarding fashion we already know socks are an important element to show off your boldness but when it comes to choosing the best options there are some issues and sock are often sadly set to the bottom of the priorities.   

In reality, socks are a versatile piece to any outfit and a reflection of your unique approach to fashion but no one ever said, “let’s go outside and do some sock shopping!”. We know usually it is part of commodity shopping so we took commodity to the next level.

Whether you are looking to surprise someone special, hate to go shopping, or just wish to find a pair of socks that appeal to your style and personality, here are 3 simple reasons why it might be time for you to subscribe to the WestMister Club. 

Here is why you should try a subscription box for socks: 

1. It is so convenient

The WestMister Club is more than a subscription box service. It assures you the finest quality socks, handpicked just for you each month. Take the decision-making process out of the way and surprise someone or be surprised by the options delivered to your doorstep. Quality and the best design guaranteed.


2. Classic choices, unique patterns, and modern designs

With a sock subscription box, there is no point in restricting your options, every day is unique and the challenges you face require different styles, so stay in tune with your unique way of living and the WestMister club will be a style ally. We will be shipping the most stylish and comfortable choices each month for subscriptions of 3, 6, or 12 months.


3. Surprise or be surprised  

We know what you are thinking… you are not choosing a thing. And that’s beautiful. That’s freedom! Either you are buying it for someone special or as a gift to yourself, you will be free of the choice paradox while knowing exactly what you are spending each month on your wardrobe.

With this sock’s subscription box the only option you must take is the time for which you want to receive the sock’s subscription box and where you would like to receive the gift box.

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