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Take a trip with this sock made in Portugal

Take a trip with this sock made in Portugal

Are you ready to enjoy the journey? 

Hand-linked toe for higher comfort and true refinement. Enter on a journey with your comfortable new socks made in Portugal.

Let us dream about travel while we keep ourselves safe and sound. 

We will travel from Portugal to beautiful locations all over the world through fashion. 

What does it mean to be made in Portugal? 

If you're aware and paying close attention to where your clothes or shoes are manufactured, you may have noticed that "Made In Portugal" is a quality sign, mostly for fabrics and shoes. 

The small scale factories can focus on producing luxury goods that are going to the best high-end brands all over the world. Imagine wearing those luxurious fashion items yourself. Imagine the softness of the fabric, the colors of the yarn, the delicate choice of patterns in your everyday life.

It is possible to make it true. Travel around the world, every day a different culture and feel a new undiscovered place. All on foot, WestMister will be your guide! 

Travel to Portugal with our TRAM BLUE

Feel free to explore the world with the VAN YELLOW

Rome has no secrets to you when you ride in style with our MOTO BLACK.  

What about traveling on a subscription basis? Take a close look, and belong to the WestMister's club, and travel differently every month.

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