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WestMister - The finest Portuguese socks made in Portugal

WestMister - The finest Portuguese socks made in Portugal

An everyday ally, a well-crafted statement

If you like to dress in style, you won’t be disappointed with the finest socks made in Portugal

Whether you love the preppy style or a more casual look, the perfect attirement is never complete without the perfect socks.

It may seem a small detail in your everyday look, but what it is is an unassuming chance to make a difference. And it is undoubtedly one of the smartest ways to express yourself. 

Show me your socks I will tell you who you are…

How about if we ask you what socks are you wearing? Could you confidently tell the color of the socks you’re wearing right now? This fashion choice can either showcase your personality, your boldness, or betray you. Use it in favor just let others know that no sartorial detail is too small to take seriously. 

Well, show me your socks I will tell you how your reputation resonates, and how your opinions are considered by people around you. Yes, it’s true. Studies show that your choice of socks directly affects the way people see you.

We know that the huge potential of man socks are often overlooked when choosing an outfit, we believe that is about to change. Yes, you can choose, the most classic sartorial socks or black silk socks to wear with your tux, in a black-tie event, but for your everyday play, what would be your choice? Would that be an old grey pair you got last Christmas or a carefully designed bold yet elegant pattern you choose to match your personality? 

study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, reveals: “A series of studies demonstrate that people confer higher status and competence to nonconforming rather than conforming individuals. These positive inferences derived from signals of nonconformity are mediated by perceived autonomy and moderated by individual differences in need for uniqueness in the observers.”. - Let that resonate for a moment.

How to spice up your style in the most elegant way? 

Including new items to your wardrobe may be a way to style it up, and brighten your everyday look, although it may not be a practical solution to every man. 

Adding a new element to your everyday wardrobe is an adjustment to your routine. So why not make a statement, working with what you already have? No twists. 

These man socks are produced in Portugal exclusively to the elegant man that values impressively well-crafted products and is attentive to details.

WestMister socks are made with two main features in mind: durability, improved comfort, and style - This is the special feature we are never letting go. Our offer is exquisite and carefully selected. The portfolio consists of a collection of classic socks as well as stylish athleticdesigner collections, and no-show socks

If you’re looking for man socks that sets you away from the crowd, this brand of men's socks made in Portugal will certainly meet the highest standards of both elegant looks, superb quality and comfort regarding masculine socks. How about pairing socks with pants, shoes, and the most recent item: the social mask? Read on here.

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