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Destination Lisbon

Destination Lisbon

The portuguese capital is a charming and alluring place. Summer is intense here, you can unwind a little in a boat river cruise or on any rooftop, sightseeing the typical Lisbon’s 7 hills. 

The fresh breeze blows from the Tagus river, as Lisbon sits still right where it kisses the Atlantic Ocean. 

Whenever travel resumes here are some tips to visit and explore Lisbon, always flawlessly dressed.

Lisbon’s approach to men's fashion 

In Lisbon, there are so many different places and ambiences you can enjoy while visiting, the secret is: in this European capital, style is mostly seen as being comfortable in your own skin.

The majority of Portuguese men usually address fashion in a casual way. They value the comfort the most and are not really prone into taking edgy fashion options.

Men’s fashion in Portugal approaches are mostly divided in two main styles:

The classic approach - Where neutral and nude is king. Immaculate white is commonly paired with shades of blue. 

This style pairs perfectly with the yacht sailing in an early sunday morning, a lovely cocktail by the riverside at charming Cascais or even the unskippable 28 tram ride

Some men adopt the modern alternative bold street style choices where bright colors are present somehow, weather in details or a statement piece.  

The most important thing when choosing your wardrobe for a Lisbon trip is keeping your feet comfortable. Did you know that Lisbon is such a hilly city? Anywhere you go, believe us, you will love it and any view is such a delight worth the walk. So keep yourself hydrated and wear your most comfortable pair of sneakers or shoes. Don’t forget to combine it with the most comfortable and stylish socks for man. 

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