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Destination Porto

Destination Porto

Let’s place one more place at the top of your bucket list. 

This may not be the journey of a lifetime. Still, this will be life-changing, as you will find a place to go back to whenever you think of quality time. Both in wine, food, fashion and way of living.

Welcome to Portugal. This country located just next to the Atlantic Ocean has this old world allure perfectly combined with modern technologies and comforts. 

A small country yet diverse in landscapes and traditions that make it a culturally rich territory to explore. 

Portugal is one of the safest countries to visit in the world, with a plus, it's always sunny. Well, at least most of the time like 340 days of the year, some say.

Another benefit of visiting this contry is shopping. Fashion here is a serious affair. 

Northern Portugal is where factories are located and established fashion houses manufacture their goods, and both great designers envision and produce quality fashion statements for the years to come. 

The yarn produced in Portugal follows the quality process you cannot find anywhere else in the world, here both innovative and traditional techniques are combined to create the Made in Portugal major certification. 

In the north it is also where (O)Porto is located. The second major city in Portugal is a marvelous place to discover, slowly strolling the narrow streets, enjoying Port wine, or a Port wine cocktail overlooking the Douro river. Oh, what a beautiful sunset! 

In (O)Porto you can also find some luxury brands and shopping is always a thrill. Both if you are looking for established brands or always in the mood to try something new. In Baixa you will find the major brands, the world biggest fashion houses are new in (O)Porto’s downtown, yet worth a visit.

Located just a few streets away, is the Mouzinho da Silveira’s Streets, the Cedofeita quarter you can explore emergent designer’s shops. Modern approaches to fashion combined with the same old Made in Portugal quality. 

Nowadays, travelling is somehow different. The world made a quick stop but we must say you can still travel through your senses and online shopping. 

At Westimister’s factory, in Northern Portugal we produce a small luxury piece of Portuguese tradition you can experience wherever you are. 

Soft, scented made of selected combed cotton, Westimister’s socks for men are a true delight and a major fashion statement for men who care about style. 

Oh, have you ever experienced a product Made in Portugal? If you did you already understand its quality. If you didn’t, we can only invite you to be surprised by it, whether you feel like choosing a lovely pair of socks for men in our online shop or you feel in the mood to enroll in the Westmister’s Club. 

Are you ready to experience it? Or maybe you would like to keep exploring Portugal through our eyes, read on: Destination Lisbon.

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