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The best 10 Autumn trends for the stylish man

The best 10 Autumn trends for the stylish man

It’s that time of year again, when clothes that walked their way down the runways will enter our fashion lingo, I mean wardrobe. New collections are out and as it’s been a strange year maybe they didn’t make such an extraordinary and beyond the creative entrance, but they are here to stay. 

Both London, Florence, Milan, and Paris had a particular take on AW trends back in January, the same that are making their way into the stores, staying until next January.

Whatever happens next in this strange time we are living in, buying beautiful clothes that you'll want to wear will certainly make you feel better and you can do it online. 

We understand that trends might be overwhelming even for a fashionista but fortunately for you, Westmister’s team is here and like a faithful, ever so stylish friend, is ready to guide you through the trending trends and statement pieces. So “what’s hot and what’s not”? 

Here are the best 10 Autumn trends for the stylish man.

Let’s start with trends that go along with anything we will mention below. So for TLDR keep this in mind: Comfortable, functional, oversized, always showing off personality. Thank us later ;)

1. Oversized. 

Let’s keep this one short: Oversized everything, from blazers to coats and scarves.

2. Functional Outwear

Key coats, parkas, and many-pocketed windcheaters were a trend in London runway presentations in January 2020, and now is the time to bring this trend to life as Autumn and Winter enter our days. Cycling jackets and overcoats are now taking a spin on luxury fabrics. These fabrics are not the usual luxury fabrics, but new ones developed for both comfort and functionality. Some of them are produced in Portugal and are so innovative that is only shown in expensive takes on technical fabrics for high-end designer clothes. 

3. Denim 

Denim returns in its purest, rawest form. The mood stalking the runways this January was more 1980s, heavily bleached jackets, and trousers. Jeans went all the way from skinny to flared, bootcut, hardware jeans with a distinctive Wild West bent. The jackets are oversized, close-cut, layered… used them at will. The news for this year might be laser-printed Canadian tuxedos alongside wide-legged raw denim trousers in a look that will surprise for both style and comfort.

4. Leather

Autumn and Winter bring back some trends that keep on giving year after year.

“High-shine leather shorts came teamed with matching jackets at Gucci, Super-soft leather trousers in caramel and grey dominated at an excellent Ferragamo show, while they look took a more biker bent at McQueen”

5. Red 

All red. Not just only red details, or one-piece, but an all-red look from head to toe. Can you imagine such a statement? Wow, so cool! Deep-pink and terracotta separates can be paired to produce a surprisingly astonishing palette to display an elegant and bubbly personality.

“Though not the easiest color to wear, the designers are making a sterling effort to inject our wardrobes with various shades of scarlet and hemoglobin for AW20”

6. Cardigans 

Trust the cozy, warm cardigan. Oversized cardigans were given a high-luxury lacquer in Paris at Hermès and Givenchy and made it to the high-end luxury pieces for the 2020 Autumn-Winter collection. 

Wear it as a central piece to your look, and choose an oversized one to check two main trends in one look. Yes, you can be such a fashionable man. “Slouchy, grungy and, most importantly, comfortable, wear yours with a pair of new old denim jeans and a plaid shirt”

7. Checks - this is a staple pattern. Checks are trending for a long time and regularly make an entrance, usually directly to our Autumn wardrobe top choices.

8. Pattern silk shirts

Everyone loves silk shirts. Don’t you? Oh, that soft tch, the slight almost secretive faintly gleam, that only a natural fabric can display. Well, the trend this AW2020 is to have them printed and your silk shirt should be ruched and tucked, affording you more volume above the waist and display bold prints, a plethora of party-ready options that might praise the boldest amongst the bold man willing to play the fashion game.

9. Face Prints

“A slight curveball of a trend, this, but many designers this season have featured shirts, tabards and sweaters finished with prints of faces. From the high-color cinematic style faces and torsos emblazoned” - Said GQ. So we will just embrace their words and maybe, just maybe enter this trend. Does a dog face do the deal?

10. Hardware on shoes

Shoes are a statement. Everyone that walks this land might know this unbearable universal truth that goes on for decades, maybe centuries. 

“From the oversized chain-adorned mules to the steel-capped toe boots – and not forgetting the hard-as-nails East London gangster-esque loafers – if your shoes haven’t got metal on them come winter, you’re not coming in.” - We say: use them with the perfect match, Westmister’s socks for an elegant man. 



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