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What do your socks say about you

What do your socks say about you

Socks are the silent statement of fashion  

Kick your feet up and discover how to wear the new standard of men’s fashion the right way.

Socks for men are no longer just a basic necessity of the everyday routine. Socks are a way to express yourself in the most comfortable and subtle way, although keeping all your morning groove untouched. 

Socks are a silent statement that speaks louder than words. It precedes you, shares a bit of your personality, and positions you amongst peers without saying a word.

The days when sock drawers were filled with nothing but white tube socks or an assortment of plain black dress socks are over. The standard for men’s socks has shifted in a big way in the past decade. Your socks change how people see you in work and life and it polishes any look.

Show the world how do you feel today

For a polished look, either casual or sartorial, this little detail will be the detail that makes it or break it in any man’s look. Socks just took over! 

Everymen wardrobe was now a way to bring the A-game on and make your look so effortlessly sharp. Sure everybody knows, every woman’s crazy about a sharp dressed man. We know everyone loves impeccable style as it reflects some of your personality traits right away, making the most of a first impression.

Socks are the new essential item in any man’s look. More than a way to dress it is the expression of your mood and personality.

What do your socks say about you?


Bold colors, tailored by designers, fun, casual, sartorial, choose your flair! 

Even if you just don’t see them, No-show socks are a statement itself. What’s your choice?

Fun Socks 

If fun patterns are your type of socks, you might be an approachable, friendly person, with a dash of rebellious and a sprinkle of humorous traits. No matter the odds you will make friends along the way.

Light geometrical Pattern and Solid Colors

You mean business. A tough day of endless meetings? Men who dress this type of socks is focused on making his way to the top without excuses. He is a man that cares about keeping a polished look and always making an impression. 

Stripes for the win

Stripes are for chilled, creative, assertive men. You will get what you want and do exactly what you mean, a trustable guy with a strong sense of style. 

Old School

You are bold and fearless an early adopter despite that old school flair of yours. Always on the run, you have an active and dynamic attitude. Usually, you act fiercely and independently and dress casually. 

No-show socks

A true statement. Show off those inches of naked skin between your trendy ankle grazers and your lovely carefully selected shoes so well taken care of. You are trendy, you like going to new places, discovering new cities and fully enjoying La Dolce Vita. 

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about socks?


Fun designs, wacky colors, plain black socks, the feared white socks maybe...

There’s no need to go that crazy! Sure novelty patterns make a strong statement and we encourage you to try it, if not any other day, then at Christmas time. But you know, sometimes plain solid colors might not be boring at all! It might be playing safe in a stylish and comfortable way. Due to the exclusive choice of yarns and threads and, the unique panoply of colors Westmister collections make available for elegant men all over the world, the most beautiful luxury socks. 

A Portuguese brand, 100% Made in Portugal following textile industry traditions and highest standards. Westmister's men’s socks are produced in exclusively for your comfort and delight. 

Westmister knows that sometimes you are not in the shopping mood, and in this actual pandemic situation, going out sock shopping might not be your priority. Although giving up on a style is not an option. 

If you wish to be surprised, Westmister’s subscription box is the answer. 

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