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When to wear No Show Socks?

When to wear No Show Socks?

Summer is on in the northern hemisphere. Light clothes, fresh fabrics, showing off some skin, all in the right places. What is the must-have for this summer?

Socks are a versatile piece to any outfit and a reflection of your unique approach to fashion but no one ever said, “let’s go outside and do some sock shopping!”. We know usually it is part of commodity shopping so we took commodity to the next level.

Whether you love the preppy style or a more casual look, the perfect attirement is never complete without the perfect socks.

It may seem a small detail in your everyday look, but what it is is an unassuming chance to make a difference. And it is undoubtedly one of the smartest ways to express yourself. 

No-show socks

A true statement. Show off those inches of naked skin between your trendy ankle grazers and your lovely carefully selected shoes so well taken care of. You are trendy, you like going to new places, discovering new cities and fully enjoying La Dolce Vita.

Socks for men are no longer just a basic necessity of the everyday routine. Socks are a way to express yourself in the most comfortable and subtle way, although keeping all your morning groove untouched.

At WestMister we present premium performance textiles for every occasion. Our seasonal collections are a display of the best socks for man. Socks are developed mainly in mercerized cotton, also known as "d´escóssia yarn" and some socks are made of combed cotton for that durability. Especially this is great once you’ve washed them. You will realize they’re going to stay the same shape and keep that wonderful softness for many, many years. All our socks are seamless for adding extra comfort to your hiking.

Did we mention that The finest Portuguese socks also have anti-microbial properties and repel odor as well, the final step of our production is a softening treatment that grants a great delicate scent. Read more here.


Whether you are looking to surprise someone special, hate to go shopping, or just wish to find a pair of socks that appeal to your style and personality, here are 3 simple reasons why it might be time for you to subscribe to the WestMister Club.

A Portuguese brand, 100% Made in Portugal following textile industry traditions and highest standards. Westmister's men’s socks are produced in exclusively for your comfort and delight. Westmister knows that sometimes you are not in the shopping  mood, and in this actual pandemic situation, going out sock shopping might not be your priority. Although giving up on a style is not an option.

If you wish to be surprised, Westmister’s subscription box is the answer.

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