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What socks to wear with sneakers?

What socks to wear with sneakers?

No-show, knee-high, suitable for all occasions. 

It is fair to say that each of us as a sock drawer, to ensure comfort in every specific occasion. 

In this article, we’ve rounded information on the most stylish ways to wear socks with sneakers.


When looking for what socks to wear with sneakers, the options are endless.

Everyone has a preference and there are so many different styles of socks that you might sometimes feel lost or wondering what socks to wear with sneakers. 

 Some people prefer classic knee-high socks to snuggle up to their leg and naturally underneath a pair of pants, either jeans, chino, or tailored classic pants. 

Some will surely prefer a more comfortable take,  with low cut ankle socks or no-show socks

The style preference can also come down to whether you’re wearing them with sneakers for work or leisure, or whether it is for athletic purposes.

There are a million ways you can wear a look, stars are taking this casual approach to casual and so are you.

Tick all the boxes regarding comfort and style. If you’re looking for what socks to wear with sneakers for casual use, a nice pair of cotton blend socks made in Portugal are just what you’re looking for. They are as bold or discrete and always very comfortable.  

Trends scream Comfort! Be comfortable within your skin. Stay stylish and let your socks talk for yourself. A small detail, that carries a big responsibility. 

If you are a total sneaker lover the stylish combo of socks and sneakers makes a statement for itself. 

We've got you covered with our favorite combinations. Keep scrolling to see some looks.


Be the man who walks around with comfort and style 

The most stylish “sneaker and socks” outfit ideas must also be a matter of comfort. For us walking around in Porto, this hilly city, in trendy New York or in sunny California is a matter of being comfortable in your shoes, this time around, we mean it.  

You already care about the materials your clothes are made of, your socks are not different. As an everyday item, socks must be chosen carefully. Everything that is in contact with your skin, is of extreme importance

Our socks are seamless, and each collection is unique and developed by highly skilled designers having in mind the challenges you face in your everyday life. Either you are a businessman, a creative, an athlete, we believe that comfort should always be on your agenda.  

You have been around for a while, may I ask if you have you felt the fabric of WestMister’s socks with your hands? The quality of the tread and the softness of the fabrics ensure a superior product. We are proud to produce quality socks for men made in Portugal.

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